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Royal Icing

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Making Royal Icing

Traditionally Royal Icing is made with fresh egg whites and icing sugar. This mixture is then beaten until white in colour and peaks can be formed.

Now though, with todays health & hygiene regulations, most people use a dried albumin-based powder in place of the fresh egg whites. You can still use egg whites but we find it is more convenient using the powder, as there are no shells to crack open and yolks to get rid of.

Basic Recipe

4 Tea spoons

Dried Albumin-based powder ( We recommend 'Meri White')

4 Table spoons

Cold water


Icing Sugar

1 Tea spoon


Add 4 table spoons of water to a measuring jug

then add 4 tea spoons of Dried Albumin-based powder ( We recommend 'Meri White')

......stir and leave the solution to stand for at least half an hour.

Stir the solution again....

Place 500g of sieved icing sugar into a mixing bowl and add the solution...gently combine the two ingredients using the beater from the mixing machine.

Place the beater with the bowl under it onto the mixing machine....turn the machine onto a slow setting and leave for eight minutes or until the mixture is white and makes peaks.

To prevent the royal Icing from drying too hard add a tea spoon of glycerine.

If you are using the icing for run-out icing leave out the glycerine.


Feel free to ask Jane any questions you may have on this subject via email

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