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How do you marzipan a cake ?

How do you cover a cake in sugarpaste ?

I'm doing G.C.S.E. food technology can you help ?

Are there any recipes on the internet ?

Can you give me some ideas for cakes & sweets children can make ?

Christmas is coming are you able to give me some fresh ideas ?

Royal icing what is it ?

Can you please advise me if you stock any edible colouring products that can be "painted" directly onto icing ?

I would like my cake to be iced in gold icing rather than white - do you have any suggestions to what colour food colouring I can put in it?

How to apply powder colors?

How do I sugar-coat pansies for Cake Decorating?

How can I decorate a Traditional Royal Iced Wedding cake?

Have you any simple novelty cake ideas that a child can make?

Where is your shop in Scarborough?

How long does Royal icing keep?

Can you freeze Maderia cake?

Have you any suggestions for a year 2000 cake?

Can you paint on cakes?

Fan Oven Temperature Question

How do I make Snow Effect Icing?

How do I make Edible Streamers and Bows?

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